Drywall Taping Services For Commercial & Residential Customers in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley, BC

We transform your living or working space with expertly installed, high-quality drywall that enhances your environment’s functionality and aesthetics.

3 Drywall Taping Problems Other Customers Face

Substandard Taping Materials

Contractors who use substandard materials for drywall taping, leading to cracks and poor finishes that require frequent repairs.

Finding Skilled Tapers

Customers face difficulties in finding a drywall taping service that consistently delivers smooth, seamless results without delays.

Fear of Imperfections

Customers feel uncertain and worried that improper taping will lead to future structural issues and additional costs.

You deserve to be worry-free.

Our 3-Step Plan

Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd Understandscustomers 9

1. Schedule a Consultation

Reach out to us to set up a consultation. During this meeting, we’ll assess your project needs and discuss the specifics of the drywall taping required for your construction or renovation.

2. Receive a Customized Quote

After the initial consultation, we’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope, timeline, and cost of the drywall taping work. This proposal will be tailored to fit your project’s unique requirements, ensuring you understand exactly what to expect.

3. Begin Your Project

We will schedule the work once you approve the proposal at your convenience. Our skilled team will then carry out the drywall taping, focusing on achieving a perfect, seamless finish. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and ensure the project meets your satisfaction.

By following this clear three-step plan, you’ll ensure your drywall taping is executed flawlessly, transforming your space with precision and quality that exceeds expectations.

Services Offered

Explore our comprehensive range of premium drywall installation and finishing services tailored to meet your construction needs.

Drywall Boarding

Fitting drywall panels to walls and ceilings in preparation for finishing.

Drywall Taping

Tape and joint compound are applied to seams between boards to prepare for painting or texturing.

Drywall Finishing

Tape and joint compound are applied to seams between boards to prepare for painting or texturing.

Drywall FAQs

Shahi Drywall Contracting is dedicated to serving the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley area in British Columbia, leveraging our local knowledge and community connections to provide bespoke drywall solutions tailored to the unique needs of the area’s residents and businesses.

As a critical provider of expert drywall services in this region, our range of offerings is comprehensive. We specialize in precise drywall installation, expert repair, and meticulous finishing, all handled by our team of skilled professionals committed to excellence.

Shahi Drywall Contracting ensures that every project, whether new construction or renovation, is completed with the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Our team works diligently to ensure that every wall and ceiling not only meets but exceeds expectations, enhancing your property’s beauty and structural integrity.

Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd boasts over 15 years of solid experience in the drywall industry, delivering exceptional quality and expert craftsmanship throughout Chilliwack and the surrounding regions. Our dedicated team consists of highly skilled professionals who hold various certifications in construction and drywall services, ensuring that every project aligns with the latest standards and best practices in the industry.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence has not only garnered us a loyal customer base but also earned us recognition in the form of awards and commendations. We have been recognized by local business associations for our dedication to quality and service, highlighting our role as a leading provider in the drywall sector.

Our team’s extensive experience is complemented by ongoing professional development, keeping our skills sharp and our services at the cutting edge. This ensures that Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd remains well-equipped to handle anything from the most basic drywall repairs to the most complex and large-scale construction projects, with precision and reliability that our clients have come to depend on.

At Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, we take pride in our work and are eager to showcase the transformations we’ve achieved for our clients. These projects are just a glimpse of what Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd can accomplish, showcasing our ability to handle a variety of project types with expertise and professionalism. Here are our projects and upcoming projects that illustrate the quality, scope, and impact of our quality workmanship:


Aspen Woods  Steele Properties, Chilliwack, BC –  Phase 5 & 6
– Completed 45 custom homes

Presley Townhomes, Langley, BC:
– Completed 36 townhomes

City Park Townhomes, Langley, BC – Completed Phase 2
– Completed 14 townhomes

Cultus Lake Cabins – Steele Properties
– Completed custom cabins

Pres-Ice Builders Ltd, Sunshine Valley, BC
– Completed custom cabins

Steele Properties, Sunshine Valley, BC
– Completed custom cabins

Upcoming Projects:

Aspen Woods – Chilliwack BC – Phase 7
– Coming Soon

Rivers Reach – Hope BC – Phase 2
– Coming Soon

Townhomes Project – Fleetwood Surrey BC
– Coming Soon

Apartment complex project – Langley BC
– Coming soon 

At Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, we maintain a structured and transparent project process that allows our clients to understand each phase of their project from start to finish. Here’s an outline of a typical project timeline:

Initial Contact:

  • Client Inquiry: You reach out to us via phone, email, or our online form with your project details and requirements.
  • Initial Response: Within 24 hours, we respond to your inquiry to gather more detailed information and to schedule an initial consultation.

Consultation and Estimation:

  • Consultation Meeting: We meet with you, either virtually or on-site, to discuss the project scope, your specific needs, and any particular preferences you may have.
  • Site Assessment: For projects requiring physical inspection, such as renovations or repairs, we conduct a site visit to assess the area and identify any potential challenges.
  • Detailed Estimate: Based on our consultation and site assessment, we provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the costs, materials, and timeframe needed for your project.

Project Planning:

  • Project Agreement: Once you approve the estimate, we finalize the contract that includes the project scope, timeline, payment terms, and any other pertinent details.
  • Scheduling: We schedule the project start date and expected milestones, coordinating with you to ensure minimal disruption.


  • Project Kick-off: On the agreed start date, our team arrives on-site to begin work. We ensure all necessary materials and tools are prepared in advance to avoid delays.
  • Ongoing Communication: Throughout the project, your dedicated project manager will keep you updated on progress and any adjustments in the timeline and address any concerns you may have.

Quality Control and Finalization:

  • Quality Checks: Our quality control process involves regular inspections and meetings to ensure all work meets our high standards and your expectations.
  • Final Walk-through: Upon project completion, we conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the work performed.

Project Closure:

  • Client Approval: Once you have approved the final results, we formalize the completion of the project.
  • Final Documentation: We provide all necessary documentation, including warranties and maintenance advice.
  • Feedback and Review: We encourage you to provide feedback on your experience to help us continuously improve our services.

Post-Project Support:

  • Follow-up: After project completion, we remain available for any follow-up questions or additional services you may require.

This structured timeline ensures that every project is managed efficiently and transparently, providing you with confidence and clarity from the initial contact through to the successful completion of your project with Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd.

At Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, we believe in transparency and clarity when it comes to pricing and estimates. Our goal is to provide you with detailed and accurate estimates that reflect your project’s true scope and scale, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Estimation Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a thorough consultation to understand your needs and requirements. During this phase, we will discuss the details of your project, including the size of the area, the type of drywall work needed, and any specific preferences or requirements you might have.
  2. Site Inspection: If necessary, we conduct a site visit to assess the conditions and measurements in person. This helps us provide a more precise estimate and plan the project more effectively.
  3. Detailed Quote: We will provide a detailed quote based on the initial consultation and site inspection information. This quote will itemize the costs for materials, labour, and any other expenses related to your project.
  4. Review and Adjustments: We encourage our clients to review the provided estimate and discuss any potential adjustments or changes they wish to make. Our flexible approach ensures that the final agreement meets your approval and fits within your budget.

Free Estimate Offer:

We are pleased to offer free estimates to all potential clients. This no-obligation service is designed to clearly understand the costs associated with your drywall project without any financial commitment.

Requesting a Personalized Quote:

To request a personalized quote from Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, you can easily reach us through the following methods:

  • Phone: Call us at (778) 822-3875 to speak with a representative who can guide you through the quote request process.
  • Email: Email us your project details and any specific requests to info@shahidrywall.com
  • Online Form: Fill out the online quote request form. This form captures all necessary information and provides an accurate estimate.

We look forward to helping you with your drywall needs and are committed to providing exceptional value and quality service.

Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd is fully licensed and insured, underscoring our commitment to professionalism and trustworthiness in all aspects of our business operations. Our licensing and insurance coverage is designed to protect both our clients and our teams, ensuring peace of mind throughout the duration of any project.


Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd holds all necessary local and provincial licenses to operate as a drywall contracting service in British Columbia legally. Our licensing ensures that we adhere to all building codes, safety regulations, and industry standards. This commitment to compliance not only demonstrates our professionalism but also enhances the overall quality of our work.

Insurance Coverage:

We are insured with comprehensive liability insurance, which covers any accidental damage to property or injuries that might occur on the job site. This means that our clients are never held financially responsible for any unforeseen incidents related to our work. Additionally, our insurance includes workers’ compensation, which covers our employees in the event of work-related injuries or health issues. This comprehensive coverage ensures that all parties are protected throughout construction.

Why This Matters:

Choosing a licensed and insured contractor like Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd is crucial for several reasons:

  • Risk Mitigation: Our insurance coverage mitigates risks, ensuring you are not liable for accidents or damages.
  • Compliance: Our licensing signifies compliance with local laws and regulations, ensuring all work is up to code.
  • Quality Assurance: Our adherence to licensing and insurance requirements reflects our commitment to maintaining high standards in every aspect of our operations.

Verifying Our Credentials:

We encourage potential clients to verify our licensing and insurance details to ensure full transparency and confidence in our qualifications. This information can be requested directly from us or obtained through local regulatory bodies that oversee construction and contracting services.

By maintaining up-to-date licensing and comprehensive insurance coverage, Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd guarantees the safety and legality of our operations and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in capable and secure hands.

At Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, we prioritize exceptional customer service and clear, timely communication. Our approach ensures that every client experiences ease and transparency from the initial contact through the completion of their project.

Commitment to Customer Service:

  • Client-Centric Approach: Our customer service philosophy centers on understanding and addressing each client’s needs and expectations. We strive to provide personalized service that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.
  • Proactive Updates: We keep our clients informed throughout the project lifecycle. We proactively communicate regular updates regarding progress, any challenges encountered, and changes in timelines or costs to avoid surprises.
  • Accessibility: Our team is always accessible to address any questions or concerns. We believe that open lines of communication are key to a successful partnership and client satisfaction.

Communication Channels:

  • Dedicated Contact Person: Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager who serves as the main point of contact. This ensures that you have a consistent contact who is fully aware of your project’s details and history.
  • Multiple Contact Methods: We offer various methods of communication to suit client preferences, including phone, email, and in some cases, text messaging. These options provide flexibility and ease of access to our services.
  • Online Client Portal: For ongoing projects, we provide access to an online portal where clients can see real-time updates, access project documentation, and communicate directly with the team. This platform is designed to streamline communication and keep all project-related information in one accessible place.


  • Quick Response Times: We are committed to responding to all inquiries and concerns swiftly. Our policy ensures that client communications are addressed within one business day.
  • Emergency Contact Availability: For urgent needs outside of normal business hours, we provide an emergency contact number that clients can use to reach us.

Training and Standards:

  • Staff Training: All staff members, especially those in client-facing roles, receive regular training in customer service best practices. This training ensures that our team is equipped to provide helpful, courteous, and professional service at all times.
  • Feedback and Improvement: We actively seek feedback from our clients through surveys and direct communication. This feedback is crucial for us to continuously improve our service offerings and communication strategies.

At Shahi Drywall Contracting Ltd, our commitment to excellent communication and customer service is integral to our business philosophy. We understand that the foundation of a successful project lies not only in the quality of work but also in the strength of our client relationships. We are dedicated to maintaining these standards and continuously enhancing our practices to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

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